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Your NDIS Plan and Intimacy Services

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" Historically people with disability have been subjected to societal beliefs that we are either asexual or hypersexual, while constantly being denied full autonomy over our own bodies.

The NDIS have further perpetuated this stigma by failing to develop or produce a clear and comprehensive sexuality policy for NDIS participants that encompasses and supports individual sexual needs and goals at all life and development stages.

A sexuality policy should be positively framed and place sex, sexuality and relationships within the context of disability supports. The policy should include a broad range of goals an NDIS participant may seek to include in their NDIS plan. These goals might include: appropriate disability-inclusive sexuality and relationships education; information and resources to support individual learning needs; support for dating and social sexual engagements; access to adaptive sex toys; access to sex therapy or utilising sexual services from sex workers. "

From Touching Base

I am a proud supporter of sexual health and advocacy for all human beings. All adults who have capacity to consent should be allowed access to:

  • Discussion and counselling around sexuality

  • Help with dating and adaptive sexual activity

  • Choose and use sex toys correctly and safely 

  • Consultation for adaptive family planning and maintaining sexual relationships with their partners

  • Escorting and explicit sexual services 

I provide sexual/intimacy services for NDIS participants as aligned with their NDIS goals. You can contact your plan manager or support coordinator to see if you have current access to these services.

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